How a Covered Patio Could Be Your Key to Working Hard in Fresh Air This Summer

Patios can be one of the greatest assets to a home, but often are underused due to the Southeastern Wisconsin climate.

Everyone loves sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air just until the sun shows up and the harmful UV rays and Wisconsin summer heat have everyone running back indoors.

Working from home changed the lives of many people and companies. Rooms and spaces in houses became useful office spaces when they used to sit idle. Homes also start feeling claustrophobic when spending all day every day in them.

Outdoor spaces are more important than ever. Patios that were meant to hold barbeques and the occasional night with friends can now be protected from the sun and used as an option for your daily workspace. Changing up workspace often increases productivity and creates more opportunities to not be trapped inside.

Benefits said to be gained from working outdoors are increased happiness, improved energy, and provides stress relief this is due to spending time outside that increases production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and endorphins while still blocking harmful UV rays.

Eclipse retractable patio and deck awnings can be a simple one step, no labor, process to easily protect yourself from the sun, and your patio from unnecessary heat. This patio coverage option is made from durable UV and sun protective fabrics that aren’t just there to keep you cool.

Each awning is custom to your outside space and doesn’t sacrifice an aesthetically pleasing look. Southeastern Wisconsin climate can be extreme and the ability to utilize your outdoor space often is only capable a few weeks a year.

With Eclipse patio coverage the awnings are long-lasting, exceptional looking, and can help reduce your energy costs.

If you’re ready to create a usable work from home outdoor space, while still keeping a fashionable touch, call 262-236-6152 or email [email protected] for more information.