Awning Accessories


Extra Features. Extra Comfort.

At Apple Annie Awnings, your comfort is paramount. That’s why our awnings and outdoor systems are complemented by a whole host of accessories to make sure that your experience is nothing shy of exceptional.

Dimmable LED Light Package

Stop ditching your patio when the sun has set and Say HELLO to night time entertainment with your Eclipse Retractable Awning by adding our Dimmable LED Light Package powered by Somfy. It creates an outdoor room you can relax in for hours even at night!

  • Convenient outdoor lighting solution for any retractable awning
  • Operate and adjust the lights with the same remote as the awning
  • Smartphone and Tablet App compatible 
  • 12 levels of brightness to set up your desired mood
Awning Accessories

Eclipse Drop Shade

One of our most in-demand retractable awning accessories, the Eclipse Drop Shade offers ideal protection for any room or area with low sun exposure. Get up to 39 inches of extra coverage in one shade that hangs from the front bar of your retractable awning—perfect for dawn and dusk. 


    • Available in 4 beautiful “Qualicoat” powder coated frames finishes
    • Widths from 5 to 20 feet
    • Available on projections up to 13 feet and cross arm units
    • Fabric drop to a maximum of 39 inches
    • Manual or motorized operation available
    • Available with Phifertex Mesh and other premium fabrics
    • Limited lifetime warranty
      Awning Accessories

      Eclipse Lunar Light Package

      Enjoy “moonlight on demand” by adding an Eclipse Lunar Light Package to your Eclipse Retractable Awning. The lunar light is a discreet design that lines the inside front bar of the awning and emits a soft, dreamy glow. The rope lighting system firmly adheres to the retractable awning’s front bar, for a perfectly lit romantic dinner or conversation with friends.

      What’s more, you can have the lighting switch built into the remote control that operates your retractable awning for hands-free and maintenance-free enjoyment.


          • Creates a relaxing, lit ambiance without attracting bugs
          • UL listed, incandescent lighting system
          • Securely attaches to the back side of awning’s front bar
          • Can be ordered with a new Eclipse Awning or installed on an existing unit
          • Safe, effective and will not attract insects
              Awning Accessories

              Wind Sensor, Sun Sensor, Patio Remote

              The Wind Sensor delivers unmatched protection with its patented, exclusive technology. It is the first wireless, intuitive, battery-powered wind sensor that detects horizontal, vertical, and lateral movements. This engineering marvel is discreet, lab-tested, and maintenance-free.

              Our Sun Sensor is 100% self-contained and solar powered with WireFree technology enables easy installation and programming.

                    The Rain Sensor is an added bonus to the amazing Sun Sensor. While also a 100% self-contained and solar powered with WireFree technology, it uses optical rain-sensing technology to measure the rainfall and automatically retracts the shading system.

                      Awning Accessories

                      Powering Your Awning with Ease- Remotes & Switches

                      The Multi- Channel Remote gives you the ability to control all your awnings either individually or at the same time. Meaning, you can store the individual remote for each awning to use as a back up instead.

                      Our Wireless Wall Switches is a battery operated mountable wall switch to help you quickly open or close your awning without having to locate your remote. This is a great way to act fast when the weather is unpredicatble without having to spend extra time locating your remotes.

                            The Patio Remote is a single-channel unit that controls all of your retractable awnings automatically from the same remote control. As a 100% waterproof remote, you can safely leave it outside for quick use.

                              Awning Accessories

                              Eclipse Solar Beam Electric Heater

                              Stay on your deck or patio longer when the weather gets chillier with heat at the touch of a button. Be a night owl—add an Eclipse Lunar Lighting Package for soft lighting attached directly to your retractable awning.

                              Looking for other heating accessories for your awning and outdoor system? Ask about our Variable Heat Controller and Stand Alone Multiple Heater.


                                    • Infrared heater: 120v 1500w 12.5 amps; variable heat control from 10% to 100%
                                    • Compact design: 15.5″ wide x 4″ tall x 6″ deep
                                    • Wall-mounted, weatherproof controller; heater mounts to the torsion bar or directly on the wall
                                    • Available in Black or White
                                    • 9′ plug in power cord – black; 15′ lead from controller to heater – black
                                    • 1 year warranty
                                        Awning Accessories