Recommended awning styles for your Wisconsin home!

From cabins and elegance, to craftsman style and historic victorian homes, Wisconsin architecture is a perfect mix of everything. The outside of your home is the first impression that someone will have of your personal taste and of the place that you live. Apple Annie is here to help your personality shine through while not sacrificing the architectural style of your home.

Types of home styles include:

The Cape Cod style began in the 18th century on the east coast for rough winters. The staples of a Cape Cod are simple with roof shingles, wood siding, and a central door with simple windows on the side of the house that are very evenly spaced.

Recommended Awning: A simple white or light colored awning, with minimal patterns and a hardiness that can withstand all weather conditions. 

Colonial homes are also a simple, rectangular, symmetrical structure with simple colors-white, blacks, neutrals. They are almost always two stories tall and feature a central staircase and the most important area of the house is the first impression entryway.

Recommended Awning: Definitely stick to the classic black or white for this one, small frills with potentially some lower hanging edges, giving a slight feminine look, while keeping the tradition of the style.

The contemporary style is often used to incorporate elements from other modern styles. Many boast eco-friendly materials that fit with the current times and design with a focus on clean lines and natural elements in the home. The color palette for this home is more neutrals, but allows for a small burst of color into the home.

Recommended Awning: This is an area that contemporary houses can be used for their pop of color. Feel free to add in a fun pattern or bright color that maybe compliments the surrounding foliage or door decor.  

The craftsman style home hold features of beautiful hand-worked materials, geometric shapes with curves such as arches and pillars. It focuses on handcrafted materials and strong wood elements in the home, darker colors with very earth tones. 

Recommended Awning: Keep it dark and mysterious with this awning. Darker colors, thicker fabrics, straight lines, that is the best theme for craftsman. Even better would be a pergola that really represents the wood nature of the home.

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