Southeastern Wisconsin offers plenty of opportunities to make your lake house your own style.

Lake house patios are a priority in the summer months to enjoy sunshine and great company in Southeastern Wisconsin. We all have that friend with the lake house or we are the friend with the lake house. Either way, it is the spot to be in the summer months. Who would want their friends to spend time inside instead of enjoying the warm months outside? No one. Let’s determine what type of awning is right for your lake house!


Protect your entryway with a weather resistant covering from both the elements and the sun. Adding an awning to your entryway is a not only a great idea to keep your entrance cooler with shade, but will also protect it from other weather like hail and rain. An awning also creates a homey aesthetic to your lake house to add both personality and a useful feature year-round.


A great patio can increase the usability of your outdoor space, add to the aesthetic of your home, and make the best spot to host your friends. But where on your lake house should you have an awning?

In Southern Wisconsin, Lake Geneva is a popular spot for families to escape to a peaceful lake covering. When not taking in all the activities that the area has to offer, a relaxing escape with minimal effort can be sought by purchasing a retractable awning for your patio. This is also a great way for people that rent their lake houses to create an extra bonus to draw in customers.

A retractable awning also takes away from the potential damage that could be caused by renters opening and closing the patio by hand.

Today’s attractive, versatile awnings are known for bringing usefulness and personality to a home. They increase your home’s appeal and we all know how great a point of standing out is while driving a boat around a lake.

Since a lot of awnings are custom-made and professionally designed through a provider, such as Apple Annie Awnings, they will always be able to fit your needs. You can choose from plenty of different colors, patterns, styles, and shapes to make your outdoor space fashionable and fit your personal style. Check out additional ways to showcase your personality by accessorizing your awning.