If you’ve ever watched home improvement or real estate TV shows, you’ve probably heard about the popular home feature known as a pergola. Even if you have, you may not know exactly what it refers to. In fact, it is often confused with other similar outdoor features. If you’re wondering, “What is a pergola?” read on to find out.

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola generally consists of four pillars, one on each corner of the structure,which support a roof. Traditionally, the roof consists of equally spaced slats across the length of the structure. Pergolas are usually attached to the side of a house but may also be free-standing structures.

There are many modern takes on this traditional design, such as those with motorized, retractable covers or awnings. Today, a pergola presents almost endless possibilities for your outdoor space.

Why Choose a Pergola?

A pergola is a great way to enjoy the summer months that may otherwise be too hot without any overhead cover. In addition, there are a variety of other benefits and uses.

Provide Shade

It’s essential to your health not to spend too much time directly in the sun. In the summer, this can be a challenge when you want to spend time outdoors. What is a pergola’s role in this? It’s a great way to add shade to your yard or patio! This makes it easier and more comfortable for the whole family to get outside.

Add Value

Adding amenities to your home is one way to increase its resale value. A pergola is one such amenity. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home any time soon, you and your family will be able to take full advantage of this great investment until that day comes.

Add Space

By increasing the amount of usable outdoor space, you are effectively increasing the living space of your home. During the warm months, a pergola can give you even more areas to entertain friends and family by providing a comfortable place for cookouts, parties, and more.

Add Versatility

What is a pergola add-on? Even with a traditional pergola, it’s possible to add a variety of features. Examples include an overhead fabric or electric cover, or “walls” in the form of shades or curtains. The latter is a terrific way to add privacy to your space.

Depending on the type of pergola, you can also use it as a base for outdoor décor such as climbing plants. If you have any motorized components though, make sure the plants will not get in the way!

Other specialized accessories may also be available, such as lighting, weather sensors, or remote controls.

What Is a Pergola: Answered!

Hopefully, you now have a thorough answer to the question “What is a pergola?” If you’re excited about the possibilities of this outdoor feature, you likely want to know how to install one for your own home or how to accessorize the one you have. Apple Annie Awnings carries pergola awnings and more. We have over 40 years of experience installing products in the Wisconsin and Michigan areas. Contact us today to take the first step toward creating the perfect outdoor space for your family.