Being able to enjoy your backyard is one of the benefits of having a patio. They are a wonderful way to utilize some of your outdoor space. Unfortunately, with the weather, insects and other issues, you might not be able to enjoy it as much as you want. You can make this feature more comfortable and convenient with some simple patio remodeling.

Patio Remodeling With Sun Shades

There are many types, sizes and styles of solar shades on the market. Whether you choose interior or exterior shades, they will protect your home from sun damage, discoloration and fading. They help keep UV rays out while letting natural light in. Patio shades can also save you money on heating and cooling costs all year round.

Interior Solar Shades

Interior solar shades are generally included when remodeling a closed-in patio, particularly if you have a sun-facing patio. These shades come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can also vary the light they let in to suit your needs and the weather.

Most interior solar shades are motorized, custom-fitted and installed for you. They may be colored to match any decor.

Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior solar shades are great for any patio remodeling project. They offer the same protection from the sun but are more durable than interior shades. They are durable and flexible and can be motorized like interior shades.

You can find hardware for exterior shades that is powder-coated to match the exterior surface of your patio or home. The shades themselves come in various fabrics and styles.

Not only do exterior shades provide shielding from the sun, but they can also protect against the other elements. These shades can keep you cooler in the summertime and keep heat in during the wintertime.

Solar and Insect Shades

When you are trying to enjoy the outdoors, nothing is worse than insects. In your patio remodeling project, consider adding solar shades that also protect you from insects. Not only can this improve the value of your patio, but it can also make you more comfortable.

Sunroofs and Pergola Awnings

Although the sun is wonderful, it is not always what you want. Direct sunlight is damaging to the skin and can be annoying when you are trying to work or enjoy a cool morning. Installing a sunroof or pergola awning is a simple way to get the most out of your patio remodeling.


A sunroof is the more basic of the two types of awning. Usually consisting of metal braces and a shade, these features protect you from the sun and rain coming in from above. A shade or awning should be retractable to prevent snow from building up on top or wind from causing damage.

Pergola Awnings

Pergolas are more decorative than sunroofs. They are usually lattice frameworks on top with decorative posts supporting the pergola. These offer a mix of light and sun whether or not a retractable shade is present.

A retractable shade can provide protection from the sun and rain. The covers for some pergola awnings can also protect you from rain. When you purchase one for your remodel, check to ensure exactly what protection it provides.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are wonderful for both winter and summer. You do not have to worry about snow building up on your awning or getting more shade than you want. You can either have full sun with the awning retracted or partial sun with it extended. This adds to the versatility of your patio.

Awning Accessories

Patio awnings come in various shapes, sizes and styles. They also come with a variety of accessories that can make your outdoor experience better.

Dimmable LED Lights

A dimmable LED light package is one way to enjoy your patio at night. The varying levels of brightness can set just the right mood. In many cases, you can control the lights with the same remote that you control your awning with.

Drop Shades

When rising or setting, the sun may fall below the awning. A drop shade extends down from the edge of the awning, effectively blocking more of the sun. This is a simple solution for east or west-facing patios, and these shades, like awnings, can be retractable to customize your experience. You can even get your drop shade in a color and style to match your awning. Be sure to check if a drop shade is necessary before beginning your patio remodeling project.

Lunar Lights

Do you enjoy the moonlight? Lunar lights emit a soft glow that is perfect when you need dim lighting at night. Like LED lights, you can control your lunar lights from the same remote as for your retractable awning.


Some retractable awnings come with a variety of sensors. These can detect unfavorable conditions and either retract or extend the awning:

  • Wind sensors detect air movements that can damage your awning. When they sense wind, they retract the awning safely. 
  • Rain sensors can protect your patio from rain. When they get wet, they will automatically extend the awning.
  • Sun sensors extend the awning when the sun is shining. This can prevent damage when you are not at home. 

Remotes and Switches

Most retractable awnings have remotes and/or wall switches so that you are in complete control with a touch of a button.

Benefits of Shades and Awnings

Both awnings and shades are great additions to your patio and home. There is the obvious advantage of being able to enjoy your patio longer in the summer, fall and spring. Then there are added benefits such as:

  • Protecting your furniture from sun damage
  • Increasing the curb appeal of your home
  • Adding style to your outdoor living areas
  • Protecting against rain, depending on the type of awning

A comfortable patio can also increase the value of your home.

Patio Remodeling To Upgrade Your Outdoors

When you are planning a patio remodeling project, consider adding motorized awnings and shades. They can make your patio sheltered and ultimately more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your sunroom or patio throughout the year. To learn more about installing sunroofs, awnings, pergolas and shades on your patio, contact us. We can provide you with all of the information you need.