We have all been there, a sunny afternoon with friends, bottles of sunscreen scattered around the backyard, each person picking up their chair to adjust the direction of the sun.

Everyone loves spending time outside, but no one likes to roast away under the sun’s harmful UV rays. Carrying an umbrella around isn’t efficient, and uses up one of your hands, and putting up and down tent covers are a pain for everyone involved. That leaves everyone wondering what could be an attractive option that is simple and cooling for everyone. Retractable awnings.

Why is it good to have a retractable awning?

The harmful UVA rays. UVA rays cause skin to age and eye damage. Too much sun can also lower your body’s ability to fight off illness.

UVA rays are also known contribute to the risk of skin cancer. While being in the sun for short periods of time help with the body’s need for vitamin D, long exposure can cause more harm than good.

retractable awnings

Whether you’re sticking to a classic game of cribbage, playing Go Fish with your kids, or spending some time reading the latest best seller novel. Having a place that doesn’t restrict you from enjoying the outdoors, while still offering you the best protection for your health and happiness is key.

Apple Annie Awnings offer sun protection, energy savings, and privacy. All while keeping the aesthetic look to your outdoor space outdoor environment.

As an Eclipse awnings provider, Apple Annie guarantees they are all made with quality components to withstand extreme all-season weather demands. Wisconsin summers are just as harsh as the winters, and awnings can help keep the intense sun rays from ruining all your backyard activities

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