Patios are the hot spot for entertaining in the Wisconsin summers and everyone needs some inspiration to freshen up their space. Modernizing your outdoor space will be the key to staying on trend this summer.

When looking at redesigning take time to focus on clean lines and less clutter. Having a simple, elegant, and clean outdoor space will draw people in to spend time there.

Another point to consider is an easy installation so you can efficiently use your patio for as much of the summer as possible.

When talking about patio covers, retractable awnings over your deck and patio create the least amount of work as you transition your new space, while still keeping simple clean lines and modern touches.

The space has to come together as a whole, the cover is a big part of that but other ideas to incorporate this summer are the lighting allowed in from the sun shades or potentially string lights hanging at night.

Your patio should be able to be used no matter the time of day. Sound systems out on the patio can also modernize the space and create a welcoming atmosphere.

retractable awning

A big trend this midwestern summer will be outdoor spaces for functional use. An extra workspace, patio gardens, a spot for kids to play. But having a space to use for entertaining outside is just as important.

Having a small grill, a stone pizza oven, or even a large dining table area will make you a top host for your guests. Another popular trend on the rise is an outdoor movie area. More comfortable cushioned patio furniture with a protective cover to keep electronics like a projector safe from the elements.

No matter what your patio will be used for this summer Apple Annie Awnings located in Wisconsin can supply your patio coverage needs. Contact Phone: 262-236-6152 or email: [email protected].