When you live near the Great Lakes, the warmth of the sun is a welcome change as spring and summer approach. You can have too much of a good thing, though. The right patio awning ideas can help you enjoy your outdoor spaces all year without sitting in the full glare of the sun.

Patio Awning Ideas for Outdoor Upgrades

There are many types of awnings you can use for your deck or patio. Your final choice will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of protection you need and the particular aesthetic you’re going for. The ones that are most likely to give you the look and shade you want during the summer are retractable or permanent covers.

Retractable Awnings

If versatility is a key factor in your decision, you can’t go wrong with a retractable awning. With one easy, convenient motion, you get instant sun protection for your deck or patio during the bright Northern summers. The opaque shade blocks light and offers protection from ultraviolet rays to everyone sitting under it. Retract the shade in the winter to allow the sunlight to add natural warmth to your home.

Solar Shades

You may not want to block all the rays that reach your deck, so you need patio awning ideas that allow a little bit of light to get through. Consider having solar shades installed. They can be attached to an existing structure, such as a pergola. They block both the sun and the wind. Best of all, you can still see through them, so you get the exact amount of shade you need without sacrificing any visibility.

Sunroof and Pergola Awnings

Horizontal sunroof and pergola awnings protect you and your guests from all the elements. They come in various sizes, allowing you full coverage for a sizable patio. You can even have wind and rain sensors installed on some models. Enjoy your backyard all year long regardless of what the weather tries to throw at you.

Benefits of Outdoor Awnings

Even if you enjoy basking in the full sunlight, when it’s finally warm enough to spend extended time outside, you may still want to consider suitable patio awning ideas for your home. The protection that these coverings offer has several benefits:

  • Significantly lower energy costs, particularly during hot seasons
  • Raise the resale value of your home
  • Create the perfect outdoor ambiance for dinner parties
  • Complement your home’s existing structure in a visually pleasing way

The Right Patio Awning Ideas for Your Home

Every homeowner has different tastes and needs. The more options you have for outdoor awnings, the better chance you have of finding exactly what you want. Your decision starts with deciding which features to prioritize.

The staff at Apple Annie Awnings can help you find the right outdoor coverings for your home. You can get a free estimate by email or phone by filling out a short online form. If you would rather discuss patio awning ideas in person, you can also use the online feature to schedule a free consultation. Contact us today to find the best fit for your home.