Sunlight is beautiful. The warm glow can put a smile on your face and make the home feel airy. Unfortunately, UV rays from the sun aren’t kind to your skin. To enjoy gorgeous days and healthy UV protection, high-quality sun safety systems are essential. That’s where interior and exterior sun shades come into the picture.

What Are the Differences Between Interior and Exterior Sun Shades?

Both indoor and outdoor solar shades keep intense sunlight out of your home. That way, you can enjoy beautiful vistas without worrying about damaging UV rays. Sun shades also improve energy efficiency by keeping indoor spaces cool.

Interior retractable shades, blinds and curtains are easy to install inside windows and home spaces. Exterior solar shades and awnings go on outside of windows, over decks and on other outdoor features. They require strong materials and expert installation to stand up to wind, rain and other weather effectively.

What Are the Benefits of Interior Solar Shades?

It’s impossible to ignore the style of interior sun shades. These interior design elements can add significantly to the beauty of your favorite spaces. White blinds block UV rays while contributing to the spacious ambiance of a minimalist bedroom.

Our colorful solar shade options can make your home feel chic, elegant and relaxing, like a Mediterranean villa by the sea. Retractable shades and curtains even work for reading nooks and bay windows.

Why Choose Exterior Sun Shades for Your Home?

The beauty of exterior solar shades is the way they enhance both the inside and outside of your home at the same time. High-quality retractable awnings and solar shades deliver all the benefits of interior blinds, plus they give you additional sun protection outdoors.

  • Extra UV coverage: Outdoor sun shades can block the sun’s rays exceptionally well. When combined with UV-resistant window treatments, your home stays refreshingly cool all year long.
  • Outdoor comfort: The outdoors were made for relaxation. With sun shades, you can enjoy lunch on the patio without feeling like you’re baking in the sun. Spend time in your bedroom or on the balcony whenever you want and stay perfectly comfortable.
  • Amazing entertaining: Afternoon cocktails are even better without the sun blasting your guests. Design outdoor entertaining spaces that look breathtaking and feel incredible.
  • Customizable exterior design: Exterior sun shades are available for a wide variety of outdoor fixtures. In addition to covering decks and patios, they also enhance pergolas, lanais, covered kitchens, terraces, pool areas and other gorgeous exterior accents.

Retractable solar shades are amazing because they let you adapt automatically to the way the sun moves during the day. Sip coffee on your deck in the morning and enjoy the cool afternoon breeze on your poolside chaise.

How Can You Choose the Right Type of Exterior Sun Shades?

Our team customizes retractable shades for your home, providing a full range of style options. No matter how large your windows are or what type of home décor you prefer, we have attractive interior and exterior sun shades to match. Contact us right away to see the wonderful designs we can create for your family.