Spice up your patio, no pumpkin needed!

Home awnings can be an effective method to battle the heat and save money each month, especially with power costs on the rise for millions of Americans. We like the sound of convenience, savings, and comfort.

Are you concerned that the fall party will be ruined by rain, snow, wind, or hail? Awnings can shield enjoyable weather from detracting from it.

Awnings not only look fantastic, but they help safeguard the health of your family by reducing your exposure to the sun’s UV rays while you are outside having fun.

To take advantage of these advantages, you can leave certain awnings up all year long. Alternatively, you can use cantilevered retractable awnings to close up shop as the fall season draws to a close.

Ideas for Imaginative Fall Decorations for Awning Owners

Lining up pumpkins, gourds, and squash along your walkway and under your home’s awning to give your property a seasonal, festive flair is one of the best ways to welcome the arrival of fall.

Plan ahead for Halloween and use the colors of the autumnal leaves

Remember that Halloween isn’t far away from the first day of fall, so anything that features pumpkins or draws inspiration from the hues of autumn leaves, such as orange, beige, light brown, and a little bit of black, will be helpful.

To pull visitors’ attention up and produce a complex color pattern, you may try lining your walkway with gourds and perhaps some discarded leaves. Then, line your awning with ivy.

Perhaps the best thing about this plan is how simple it will be to change everything for Halloween a month after fall officially arrives. For instance, you may incorporate faux spider webs throughout your ivy. Although it might not be sufficient to frighten your guests, it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression!

Hanging ornaments can add color and feathery friends

Hanging dried corn from the corners of your retractable home awning is one way to give it a pop of autumnal color. This is a wonderful way to complement your other fall decorating efforts and add the colors maroon, yellow, orange, and magenta to your outdoor decor.

Furniture should be coordinated with the fabric of your awning

You might be shocked by how many outdoor couch cushions in various colors (orange? beige?) and how changing the colors of the cushions can change the entire look of your patio for the season. You can add color to your outdoor decor by pairing orange and black to stick to the spooky theme, or maybe even some buffalo plaid to give it that country flair. 

Red couches look stunning with durable home awning fabric in beige, orange, and yellow, and suddenly with the perfect fall seating arrangement and décor it will seem like everyone is in the mood for a round of pumpkin spice lattes!

Thanksgiving decor for your patio

Thanksgiving-themed door wreaths decorated with miniature plastic pumpkins are lovely, and a scarecrow buddy sitting on a seat beneath your home’s awning is a fantastic way to celebrate Halloween. If you don’t live in a cold weather state, or maybe we are graced with a warmer Thanksgiving day (hey, even in Wisconsin it can happen!) you can leave your patio prepared for extra seating for your guests.

Just keep in mind to integrate a few gourds, use fall leaf colors when in doubt, and get in touch with Apple Annie Awning soon to get started with that awning covering focal point that will make your patio safe and secure throughout the fall months.