Reliable solar shades can enhance your spaces and make them more enjoyable during sunny months. From energy savings to UV protection, this investment provides worthwhile benefits. However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Read on to learn more about these shades and determine which solution is best for your home.

Why Should I Purchase Solar Shades?

There are many good reasons to protect indoor and outdoor spaces from direct sun. Sunlight can damage your furniture and possessions by fading colors and adding visible wear. Shades protect from UV damage by blocking out sunlight and adding longevity to your furnishings. They can also help control the temperature by reducing the intensity of the light coming through your windows. Lastly, shades let you control the brightness of light entering your indoor and outdoor spaces.

What Kinds of Solar Shades Are Available?

Several features are common to all shades whether you wish to install them indoors or outdoors. They typically come in either light or dark fabrics, which changes the level of visibility through the screens. Shades may also include a motorized retraction system, making it easy to cover and uncover your windows at different moments of the day. You can usually find them in just about any color to match the aesthetic of your spaces.


Shading for indoor spaces ensures privacy, provides temperature control and safeguards your possessions. When shopping for interior sun protection, you may want to consider aesthetic concerns by consulting with an interior designer or the professionals installing the shades. Your best bet is a set of retractable shades that match your furniture and provide you with your preferred level of privacy. Remember, good solar shades can also help keep your cooling bills down during the summer.


Outdoor solar shades typically protect you from direct sun and other issues associated with outdoor spaces. From simple awnings to sunroofs to more advanced shade systems, take the time to assess which solution optimizes your space. In addition, certain options, such as pergola awnings, shield your outdoor space from the rain. Finally, consider the benefits of choosing shades that could enclose your outdoor space and protect you from bugs and insects.

Where Should I Purchase Solar Shades?

Your best bet is to buy shades from a trusted business with a long track record in your area. Do your research to find a company that specializes in awnings and screens that fit your specific needs. Reliable businesses give you a free estimate, which allows you to get to know them and what they charge for their services. Shades are an important investment, so do your homework and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Again With Solar Shades

Now that you know more about your options, you can start revamping your spaces and protecting them from the sun by choosing the right solar shades for your situation. Check out our products and discover why Apple Annie Awnings is a trusted name in shade solutions.