April showers bring May flowers and in Southeastern Wisconsin we all can’t wait to see some fresh growth and warmer temperatures. As the rain dries your backyard and the space becomes useable for more activities, a great way to prep for your summer is to prepare your patio. Fresh paint, updated furniture, and choosing the right way to shade your space from the sun will all make huge differences in getting use out of every corner of your backyard.

Use a Retractable Awning to Stay Cool

Creating a space that can stay cool in the peak summer hours allows you to enjoy the fresh air no matter the temp. It also can keep the harmful UV rays off your skin. Selecting an awning that is easily retractable gives you the flexibility to transform the space depending on your feelings. Protecting your deck from rain and other elements can also allow you to not have to rely completely on a questionable weather app for your patio plans. Backyards add so much character to your home. Having multiple elements in your backyard can benefit everyone.

When it comes to creating a usable space for the kids this summer, a well-covered deck, can create a world of creative possibilities for your child’s imagination without the fear of burn from the sun. When the kids are done playing, a useful area of the backyard with couches and chairs can create the perfect place to decompress with a glass of wine in the Wisconsin summer evening.

A well-used patio only adds to a great outdoor space. The rest of the yard, with its areas for lawn games, flower beds, and sometimes a pool all work together to create an extension of your home that can bring great memories to you and your family as well as add value to the home.

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