Spending time outside is a great way to leave anxiety behind and enjoy the good things in life. If you’re like many people, you soak in every ounce of summer you can, basking happily in blue skies and fresh air. Cold weather doesn’t have to be the end of your outdoor relaxation, though. A heated patio lets your family enjoy the beauty of nature all year.

The Ideal Heated Patio for an Outdoor Lifestyle

You can transform many outdoor areas into elegant heated patios, including beautiful hardwood decks, gazebos, concrete patios, covered dining rooms and pergolas. Some people add tables for entertaining, and others prefer a laid-back spot with outdoor furniture.

During the summer, you can use patio umbrellas, patio covers, canopies and other coverings to stay cool. In late fall, winter and early spring, heating options can keep you toasty. Some systems work well with covered patios, and others are a better fit for open-air spaces.

The Benefits of a Heated Patio for Your Home

If you’re the type of person who can’t get enough of the outdoors, a heated outdoor area should be high on your home wishlist. These breathtaking spaces provide many benefits:

  • Easy evening entertaining: A heated patio makes it easy to keep guests comfy no matter the time of year. As the chilly evening air swoops in, all you need to do to keep the party going is push a button.
  • Complete comfort: A warm patio lets you spend time outdoors whenever you feel like it. Many heating options give you complete control over the temperature so you won’t feel too warm or too cool.
  • Large gatherings all year: With outdoor heating, you can host large family gatherings in fall or winter without problems. Whether you feel like talking around the fire or sharing a traditional meal, the extra space outside is a huge advantage.
  • Fresh air: Many people hate being cooped up inside the house all winter long. Patio heating lets you take in the peace and fresh air of the outdoors instead.
  • Beautiful views: If you have a lush backyard, fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the scenery from your patio. You can watch birds and critters, enjoy your garden, see the leaves change color and listen to the quiet breeze while sipping coffee.

Great Heated Patio Options in Wisconsin and Michigan

There are many different options for heating a patio. Here are eight popular types of outdoor heating around the Great Lakes.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is a convenient, beautiful and relatively inexpensive way to add heat to your patio. You can select fire pits that fit your exterior decor and outdoor furniture, such as artistic, minimalist and rustic models. This option doesn’t have the largest heating reach, but it makes up for it with expressive styles.

Covered Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace gives a heated patio a cozy feel. Covered fireplaces seem like part of the home, but they offer the freshness of open-air spaces. A fireplace offers plenty of heat for relaxing comfortably year-round. Like fire pits, this option gives you complete freedom to decorate the way you want. You can choose from brick, stone, metal and concrete for the perfect ambiance.

Table Heaters

This modern, elegant option is perfect for intimate occasions outdoors. It’s ideal for people who relish eating breakfast outside or who love inviting friends over for lunch. Couples can also enjoy a romantic meal for two with fall colors all around. Table heaters look similar to bistro tables, but they have a central heating system that keeps you warm at the same time.


Also known as portable fireplaces, chimineas feel rustic. They offer the classic warmth of wood-burning stoves but without the irritating smoke. A vertical flue directs smoke away from you and your guests, letting everyone roast marshmallows or converse comfortably.

Wall-Mounted Heaters

While not as stylish as fire pits or fireplaces, wall-mounted heaters offer incredible heating for decks and patio dining areas. Designed as permanent fixtures, these heaters let you adjust temperatures precisely so the space feels just the way you want.

Many homeowners choose this option for a covered heated patio. When you have an enclosed space, you generally can’t use fire pits with an open flame. The electric heat of a wall-mounted unit is an excellent solution.

Radiant Floor Heat

This is generally the most costly but also the most effective method to enjoy a warm patio all year. Commercial businesses, such as restaurants and coffee shops, are using this option more, and it’s available for homeowners as well.

Radiant floor heat works by heating the concrete underneath your feet, melting away snow and ice instantly. Installing this type of heated patio is a considerable renovation, but it can last a long time.

Electric Lamp Heaters

For covered outdoor spaces such as exterior living rooms and dining rooms, electric lamps provide safe, simple and localized heating. The range isn’t as large as propane heaters, but it’s great for having some time alone on the patio.

Propane Heaters

Last but not least are propane-powered heaters. These conventional outdoor heating options are portable, sleek and effective. They provide a significant heating range, great versatility for different spaces and plenty of design options. On the downside, they’re not compatible with covered patios, and some people dislike keeping propane near the home.

Beautiful Ways To Customize Your Home’s Exterior With a Heated Patio

The best outdoor heating solution for your home depends on several factors, including the size of your available space, the type of patio you have and your budget. Whatever you select, be sure to put your personal touch on things.

You can make covered patios extra cozy by replacing bare floors with area rugs. Spread out warm blankets in front of the fireplace and relax to your heart’s content. Customize spaces for your favorite activities: quiet reflection, dinner with family, morning coffee, birdwatching, etc.

Find the Right Heated Patio Option for You

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