Enjoying the outdoors is one of the best parts of having a patio, but what happens when night falls? You either have to break out the standing lights, put on the porch lights or sit in the dark. Fortunately, there is a way to have the lighting you need without the work. Awning lights are a wonderful way to illuminate your outdoor space. They install directly onto the horizontal supports of your retractable awning and fold in when your awning is not in use.

Selecting Awning Lights 

One of the most exciting parts of adding lighting to your awning is deciding which types of lights will be best for you. Before you pick lights, there are a few things to consider:

  • Style: Do you want a flexible light, or are you interested in a more natural nighttime experience? Does the lighting fit with your style of the awning?
  • Color and temperature: Do you want something bright, flexible or soft? Do you want warm yellow lights or cooler blue hues?
  • Compatibility: Do you need your awning lights to be remote or wired? Do you have the correct wiring for your switch placement? Do you want your lighting to be connected to the same remote and switch as your retractable awning?

Each of these will determine the best lights for your needs. If you want awning lighting but want something versatile for any style or occasion, consider dimmable LED or lunar lights for a more natural nighttime experience.

Dimmable LED Awning Lights

Dimmable LED lights are great for those who want the ability to adjust the light level at will. Some have up to 12 different settings allowing you to set the right mood. For example, you can use a dimmer setting for a quiet dinner on your patio and then brighten things up for cleanup.

These lights are normally fitted to the retractable braces on your awning. You can order them with a new awning system or purchase them as a kit later. Some manufacturers will also install them for you. This is particularly helpful when you want them wired into a wall switch or remote control.

Lunar Awning Lights

Lunar lights are wonderful for when you want to create a moonlit ambiance without drawing insects to the light. Lunar lighting is more natural than other lighting alternatives. It does not contribute to light pollution as much as LED or yellow lights.

This lighting system usually anchors to the inside front bar of the awning, but it can also anchor to other parts if necessary. The anchor points will depend on the lighting system and awning construction.

Like dimmable LED lights, some manufacturers will install these with a wall switch or remote. You can have them installed when you purchase your awning or purchase them later as a kit.

Awning lights are an excellent way to utilize your outdoor space at night. Most packages are easy to install and easy to maintain. For more information about lighting your awning or questions about other accessories, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.