1. Swipe!

It might seem like a no-brainer, but take some time to swipe off the debris that the elements have moved onto your awning. This could be remembering to close it the awning to remove sticks and other particles, or taking a broom and brushing across the fabric to loosen up some of the dirt.

2. Hose!

Your awning is built to withstand the weather, so use its sturdy nature to your advantage. Give it a personal little rainstorm with a hose to clean it off and get a direct blast of cleanliness to the fabric. Don’t use high pressure but try to aim at the spots that seem more soiled than others.

3. Scrub!

Your awning is just another piece of furniture when it comes to a cleaning process. Gentle and effective is always going to be best. An easy DIY awning cleaning solution can be made with water and mild soap for dish. Measure with your heart if you would like, but we recommend a ¼ cup of soap to a gallon of water.

4. Brush!

A soft bristle vs a hard bristle brush will be the best for keeping the life of your awning the longest possible. You never want to cause damage while you clean, but you still want the job to get done. Be mindful on the amount of scrubbing that you do on each spot to keep the colors the same.

5. Soak!

Stubborn stains might take a little more patience. Let your awning cleaning solution sit on your awning from 30 minutes to an hour to obtain the maximum results on those tricky spots.

6. Rinse!

Time to get that awning cleaning solution off and hose it back down. Make sure to get all the soap off to avoid residue being left to collect more dirt and wear differently from the sun.

7. Dry!

Grab a drink, make a snack, and let your new clean awning dry off. Enjoy the fruit of your labor by getting out of the sun and enjoying the fresh scent of your new sparkling awning!