There are many benefits of making home improvements, including increasing your home value and making it a more aesthetically pleasing place to live. Adding an awning to your home is an excellent way to improve your outdoor living space so you can spend more time outdoors in the fresh air without worrying about too much sun exposure. An awning can also help lower your annual energy costs.

Some homeowners think they can install an awning on their own as part of a weekend DIY project. While this is certainly possible, there are a number of reasons to schedule professional awning installation Madison WI. With this guide, you can make the most informed decision regarding your awning installation.

Top Reasons for Professional Awning Installation Madison WI

Once you add a retractable awning to your home, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to do it! Though it can be an investment upfront, many homeowners feel the sticker price is well worth the enhanced comfort and sun protection. If you like to entertain or simply want to make the most of your patio and other outdoor living areas, here are five of the top reasons to schedule professional awning installation Madison WI.

1. Full Service

When you hire professionals to install your awning, you can rest assured you’re getting full service. You can order your awning and have it delivered and installed by the same company so you’re minimizing the number of companies you have to deal with throughout the process. You can also schedule your awning to be installed at any time that’s convenient for you — even if you won’t be home that day. This can prevent the need for taking time off work during a busy season.

2. Experience

The professional awning installers at Apple Annie Awnings have years of experience under their belts. They know how to mount your awning to practically any compatible surface and material type. They can also answer any questions you may have about the awning or the installation process so you know what’s going on at any given moment.

3. Fully Insured

When you schedule professional awning installation Madison WI, you will receive a generous labor warranty and peace of mind in knowing that your product is insured. You won’t get this same type of assurance if you purchase your awning from a big box store.

4. Correct Installation

It may seem like an awning installation is straightforward, but it is possible to do it wrong. The results of improper installation could be disastrous and could lead to the premature failure of your awning. When you hire professional installers, you’ll know the job is done correctly the first time around.

5. Removal of Trash

We always ensure our installers remove all trash associated with the installation process. We will never leave your property littered with debris. We take pride in leaving each area better than we found it.

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