Gone are the days of picnic settings and rusty old tables on your patio. This summer it is time to spice it up with some “not-so-average” awning accessories. Make your space the perfect spot for all kinds of get togethers this summer: from graduation parties, 4th of July, or just a random Friday night.

A covered patio with an awning allows for a relatively weatherproof place for you to enjoy at all times. String lights can be used to create a modern atmosphere under any patio covering and to be used with any of the below ideas. 

Here are our favorite backyard accessories to complement your awning in your outdoor living space!


Hot Tub

Everyone wants to be the person with a hot tub! From enjoying time with friends to relaxing your muscles after a long day, hot tubs are a great focal point for under your awning. Turn your patio into a paradise with any size hot tub. If an awning is a little too much coverage, look into a pergola for your needs. You don’t have to give up pleasure for your party space, creating a smaller seating area, allows the focus to be on a more activity based scene, like a hot tub.

If you are worried about placing a hot tub not on a concrete slab, remember any level, sturdy surface that will maintain stability despite moisture or weight can be used to set up a hot tub instead of concrete. These surfaces can be spa pads, paver stones, timber decks, or gravel beds.

A hot tub must be level to the millimeter. Almost any flat, level surface is suitable. You shouldn’t put it on the ground or any grass. Always be sure the surface you’re setting the hot tub on can support the weight of the water and individuals within the hot tub.


Outdoor Kitchen

Aside from being quite useful, an outdoor kitchen also adds a lux element to your property, raising the perceived value in the event that you ever decide to sell. Potential customers’ “ooohhhs” and “aahhhs” will result in more money in your wallet.

With extra space for more guests to hang out and feel comfortable, having an outdoor kitchen also enhances your square footage for entertaining. Let’s face it: nobody will be hoping for an invitation if there are plastic stacking chairs, a splintered picnic table, and a rusted grill. Who wouldn’t want to party, though, with cozy seating, an outdoor bar (with a useful fridge), a great gas grill, a pizza oven, outdoor lighting, a pergola, or a fire pit?


Pizza Oven

An important, yet occasionally under-appreciated, component of your outdoor kitchen setup is a classic pizza oven. They are useful for cooking any dish that you can smoke, bake, or roast, not just homemade pizza. Pizza ovens provide a convenient and tasty cooking experience since they heat up rapidly and cook food effectively.

Different companies offer stainless steel cabinetry that is intended to safely handle a range of pizza oven models on the countertop, unlike many outdoor kitchen manufacturers that cannot accommodate outdoor pizza ovens due to their size and weight. Learn more about installing a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen by contacting your contractor of choice.

Aside from baking wonderful pizza, having a real pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen has several other culinary advantages. Gas or wood are frequently used to heat pizza ovens, making for a speedy and effective cooking method. It is very advantageous to cook using a wood-fired pizza oven because it burns cleanly and imparts a distinct smoky flavor to your dish. Although handmade pizza is normally cooked in a pizza oven, other foods can also be cooked in them, including meats, vegetables, and even pies.

​​You should be careful how you incorporate a pizza oven into the design of your outdoor kitchen due to their size and weight. At the conclusion of a cabinetry run and with a respectable quantity of workspace on at least one side, they are often the most useful. Since pizza ovens have the ability to cook for several purposes, choosing to incorporate one in your outdoor kitchen design may allow you to do away with other cooking equipment, giving you more room and design flexibility.

To complete your outdoor cooking and entertaining space, take into account any features and amenities that you would like to install as well, such as a bartending station and fridge.


Living Room

Architects and interior designers are constantly thinking of inventive ways to bring the outside in. But in recent years, it has become popular to bring indoor conveniences outside. Making your outdoor space as fashionable and cozy as your interior is now simpler than ever thanks to the creative materials and solutions that designers and manufacturers have created.

Today, it is feasible to purchase durable outdoor furniture, a variety of bright, patterned fabrics like rugs and toss cushions, and LED lighting in a range of designs and price points that look equally at home indoors as they do outdoors. This implies that you may design a pleasant, tranquil, and inviting outdoor setting without sacrificing style.

We advise applying the same level of consideration to planning an outside area as you would a new home’s floor layout. The placement of the outdoor eating area close to the kitchen is an example of how each outdoor space should make sense and be usefully connected to the interior of the home.

Utilize the views that your property has to offer by setting up a small seating area where you can drink a cup of coffee and watch the dawn or a table and chairs where you can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at dusk. Use screens or hedges to conceal unattractive eyesores. We also advise considering a site’s relationship to its surroundings by looking past the confines of a property.

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